XKaliber Bolt Rifles

XKaliber rifles are the ultimate precision custom bolt action. These are made from the ground up sparing no expense. Each bolt action rifle is custom designed by you then built one at a time. Or you can tell us what kind of shooting or hunting you’ll be doing and we can recommend a caliber, length, chassis or stock etc.

We start off with the finest custom cnc machined 416 stainless steel action. These actions although they are hybrid, can be made as Rem 700 clones to fit most chassis or stocks. We use Rock Creek, Brux, Lilja, Bartlein and Shilen barrels. The barrels come as a blank and can be reamed to any caliber desired, then cut to any length and crowned or threaded with a thread protector. We use McMillan stocks and Strike Dual Chassis and many others. Bottom metal can be configured as a hinged floor plate or a detachable 5 to 10 round magazine. Color of stock or camo pattern molded in is an option and tactical or hunting stocks are available.

With the XKaliber rifles we guarantee a 1/2 moa group. We mainly see 1/4″ groups with the right ammo load. Contact us for pricing and information on our XKlaliber Rifles. These are the best precision bolt rifles you will ever shoot, made right here in Texas.

Read about the Grandpa’s Gun project over at SHWAT.com. They had the idea to take  an old Remington 700 chambered in 30-06 and convert it to a 300WinMag, and we helped make it a reality. Turned out to be one of the best 300WinMags we’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot. Accurate and lightweight with very little recoil for a magnum caliber.

For pricing and options on our bolt action receivers, visit our online store here.

  • Todd Hodnett was kind enough to test out our 50 BMG and hit targets out to 1790 meters.

    Todd Hodnett was kind enough to test out our 50 BMG and hit targets out to 1790 meters.

    "I am very impressed with what I see coming out of King’s Arsenal. I have shot several of their guns and all have been exceptional. Nice guys, good character and always looking to better themselves and their business. My kind of people." -Todd Hodnett, President of Accuracy 1st and renown sniper and trainer.
  • kings-arsenal-xkaliber-exclusive The XKaliber 50BMG is simply one of the finest rifles I have ever had the pleasure of shooting.  Unbelievable accuracy combined with real world craftsmanship make this the best rifle in its' class.  If I had not run this rifle myself, I would not have believed how well it performed. World class rifle! -Fred Mastison. Force Options Tactical Training Solutions