XKaliber 50 BMG

King’s Arsenal is offering a 50 BMG bolt action repeater. 50 BMG is the ultimate precision sniper rifle, and with our United States military in mind, it is combat ready with a folding butt-stock and lighter than normal weight for carrying long distance. Check out this video to see it in action.

The XKaliber is 45″ folded and 56″ unfolded and available in tan, OD green, or black, but we can also do custom colors or patterns by request.

The chassis is lighter and shorter than previous gen chassis and has a better mag system. It is skeletonized and shorter for less weight. This is the first chassis to fit the new style McMillan actions. Other chassis were made to drop in McMillan tac 50 rifles. We built this gun from a McMillan new style 50 action so it required the latest chassis available. (which wasn’t available til we came along).

We used a lighter contour Lilja barrel and a McMillan brake. The barrel is a 28″ length and has a 1:15 twist and will stabilize the Hornady Amax 750 gr ammo. It has a Shilen trigger with no safety tuned to a crisp 38oz. The weight unloaded and unscoped is right at 25lbs making this one of the lightest 50 BMG bolt actions out there if not the lightest!

This is the first 50 bmg built on this new chassis and the first folding 50 production gun(normally Mil/LE only).

Motivation was simple, we knew this would be very appealing to military for a few reasons; lighter, ease of hauling, shorter, more versatile, more accurate. We guarantee accuracy on our 50 BMG to sub MOA.

Check out what Soldier Systems has to say about our 50 BMG.

S.H.W.A.T. wrote a great article about the XKaliber with great photos and video.

Please use our contact page if you’d like more information about the XKaliber 50.

  • Todd Hodnett was kind enough to test out our 50 BMG and hit targets out to 1790 meters.

    Todd Hodnett was kind enough to test out our 50 BMG and hit targets out to 1790 meters.

    "I am very impressed with what I see coming out of King’s Arsenal. I have shot several of their guns and all have been exceptional. Nice guys, good character and always looking to better themselves and their business. My kind of people." -Todd Hodnett, President of Accuracy 1st and renown sniper and trainer.
  • kings-arsenal-xkaliber-exclusive The XKaliber 50BMG is simply one of the finest rifles I have ever had the pleasure of shooting.  Unbelievable accuracy combined with real world craftsmanship make this the best rifle in its' class.  If I had not run this rifle myself, I would not have believed how well it performed. World class rifle! -Fred Mastison. Force Options Tactical Training Solutions