About Us

Here at King’s Arsenal we strive to make accurate and user friendly rifles and 1911 pistols. We have designed a very lightweight upper in 5.56 for hunters, competition and law enforcement. 300 Blackout is also one of our favorite calibers for making AR pistols and short barreled rifles (SBR). We also specialize in 6.5 Grendel for long range applications, and plan to add Ar-10 calibers to our Arsenal.

King’s Arsenal also offers custom bolt actions. We call these our XKaliber bolt actions and they are all about two things, precision and presentation. Everything we make is made to perfection and at a very competitive price. All our bolt actions carry a 1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee and our semi-autos carry a 1 MOA guarantee. “If its not accurate, I won’t put my name on it.” — Jordan King

Contact us if you would like us to build a totally custom gun or if you need parts for your existing weapon.